I wanted to start on a positive note so I picked a topic that always makes me smile… My love. Now he’s not perfect but lord knows he would be if he could. No one is perfect and trust me sometimes I forget he’s human. However that picture, my view it reminds me of how much I have to be thankful for. 

You maybe asking yourself how could picture of his back make me thankful. You see just a back, I see the strong broad shoulders of a man wearing the somewhat nice shirt I bought him. He works hard manual labor and rarely is wearing something not covered in grease. He never takes the time to go and buy himself new clothes but he sure does adore the clothes I buy him. Unless they don’t fit right, he can be picky for a greaseball. 

I see the waterfalls from our first trip to Duluth together. Almost 27 years old and I’ve never spent a weekend in Duluth until him. He’s been the first to take the time to really make memories with me. I usually have to plan most of it but he’s a willing participant. I know most gals want a romantic date night or anniversary planned by their partners, I do to. What we fail to understand is if we really mean forever why are we giving up on the idea that someday he will do it just because he didn’t this year. 

Men and women I believe are ever changing, we may stay in the same orbit for a few years but factors are always changing. Sometimes to slow for us to even notice almost like the earths rotation. 
I guess what I am saying is I have decided to be thankful. Thankful for the times I do get to spend with him and the memories well make. I am thankful for his love because it does truly complete me. I know he is not perfect but that’s okay because neither am I. So take an extra few moments to appreciate your view today. 

Thanks for listening.